“I feel as if I’m swimming into the deep end of the ocean, the ocean becomes deeper. When I come up for air, I feel a wave a crashing on me and pulling me down into the abyss of the ocean. I am trying to come up for air but the waves become bigger and crush me into the water,” 

When I was talking on the phone with one of my best friends in Austin about how I feel about senior year. I feel as if my spirit is crushed but I am not taking no for answer so I continue to try to pull myself against the current and waves. I know that I’m being crushed by the wave. I know that I’m being hurt by the wave but I am trying to move and gasp for air.  I feel like the swimming the ocean perfectly relates to life. Life is abyss as a senior. You are moving into deeper the end of the ocean because you are no longer being helped by the shallowness of the water because you are become more responsible and you are starting your own life. 

I know the beginning of my new chapter is an ending. I know that it’ll be scary future but there is no reason to try navigate through the troubled waters because I will learn. I feel like I’m learning more and more this year about myself and how I want to deal with the rest of my life. I am praying that I keep my head above the water and not be crushed by the waves.

I’m moving to next stages of life. I’m excited. I’m scared. I’m sad that I’m losing my childhood and becoming an adult. 

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My name is Mariam Khan. Welcome to my wordpress! I’m Texas born and bred. I grew up in Dallas, TX, I currently reside in Denton. I am currently a Public Relations senior at University of North Texas. My interests are baking, cooking, shopping, traveling and learning new things. I am currently learning how to speak Spanish fluently.  I am currently a full-time student who enjoys to cook random recipes from Pinterest, hanging out with her sorority sisters and watching Netflix in my downtime. I do enjoy sixteen hour days, and somehow still do my homework. Please check out my tabs for my previous projects and resume. Please do read my blog as well!  My blog will be updated weekly with current events, stories, and reflecting about my final year at UNT.   My strengths by StrengthsQuest are Context, Communication, Developer, Empathy and Belief. If you need to reach me, my email is!

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